At its core, Medalta’s residency program is about bringing artists together in an environment that promotes creativity through community. The residency concept creates an opportunity for ceramists – who, for the most part, work individually – to re-enter a community atmosphere and take part in a rejuvenating dialogue, while working with like-minded artists. Our program seeks to benefit artists at all stages of their career, from students, to established artists. Each resident brings a wide variety of technical and aesthetic skills to the experience.

Medalta’s Shaw Centre is a state-of-the-art ceramic residency facility with a soda kiln, salt kiln, large gas car kiln, Blaauw gas kiln, and seven electric kilns. Although we use them a lot for our residencies and workshops, we also rent them out. If you don’t have easy access to a specific kiln where you are, consider using ours. It can be a great way for an individual or group to experime...



1 month Residency; flexible date Awarded to 1 individual Fellowship Amount: $1,000 (CDN) Studio Fee: $725 (CDN) Application Deadline April 1st, 2017 Requirements:
  • Must be mid-career Canadian Artist
Studio Fee includes:
  • 24 hour studio access
  • Full access ...