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June 2nd - June 30th, 2017 $725 (CDN) Applicati...( by : Mandy)


July 3rd - August 30th, 2017 $1025 (CDN) App...( by : Mandy)

FLEX @ Medalta

2 - 8 months $515/month (CDN) Application Deadl...( by : Mandy)


September 6th, 2017 - August 30, 2018 $375/month (C...( by : Mandy)

Chase Travaille is a ceramic artist born and raised in the American South. Within his f...

( by : Mandy)

Joseph Howell Sivilli (born 14.03.1988) is a USA-based ceramic artist. He was educated primarily at th...

( by : Mandy)

Rachel Leary was born in Ireland in 1992. After finding a passion for art at school Rachel went on to study a...

( by : Mandy)

Lauren has studied ceramics at the Dundas Valley School of Art in Dundas ON, has a BFA Majoring in Ceramics f...

( by : Mandy)
Emma Dickinson is a ceramicist from the North East of England, UK. She achieved her bachelors degree in 2014 from Mancheste...( by : Mandy)
  Born in Calgary, Alberta but having spent most of his life in and around Vancouver, BC, Logan Kenler is currentl...( by : Noriko)
                Melanie Gaudet is a mixed media artist ...( by : Noriko)
  Born in London, ON, Canada. Evan discovered his passion for ceramics while attending the Bealart Program at H. B. B...( by : Noriko)
Amiee Risby is from British Columbia and was born in the city of Surrey in 1995. She is working towards her Bachelor of Fin...( by : Noriko)