Medalta forming its own independent community

By now, most people know that the 150 acres surrounding Medalta is called the Historic Clay District. It represents the once-prolific clay industries that once operated in the area and employed a massive portion of Medicine Hat’s workforce.

In recent years, the district has been officially recognized by the City of Medicine Hat – something that Medalta is very proud of as it continues working to preserve this fascinating and important history.

But now, as Medalta continues to grow, being part of such a great city such as Medicine Hat isn’t enough.

Following a failed bid to have people living and working within the Historic Clay District officially called Medaltoids (rather than the equally interesting ‘Hatters’), Medalta and the entire Historic Clay District has successfully seceded from Medicine Hat and will now operate as its own utopian community.

According to ultra-reliable sources (trust us on this one), everything has been very carefully thought out. This new community comes complete with all the most important amenities, including a school, a church, a bingo hall and a convenience store, in addition to Medalta’s own museum, arts centre, Market@Medalta and production pottery.

These same sources (ultra-reliable, remember) assured everyone that this new community will be completely self-sufficient. When pressed on infrastructure issues such as roads, power, sewer and water, these sources paused briefly, looked at each other with thinly veiled panic and said “ ummmmmmm … well, we have a river and a couple creeks nearby so that’ll take care of most things.”

Everyone living in the Historic Clay District’s new community will be known as a Medaltoid which was the main reason for the move in the first place. Apparently someone thinks it’s a cool name and so it just kinda stuck.

This exciting new chapter in Medalta’s evolution is effective on April 1, 2015, when there is expected to be a huge increase in the amount of people rolling their eyes at such a ridiculous idea. Then they’ll realize it’s actually April Fool’s Day and none of this is real …

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