Annabel Biro

Annabel Biro was born and raised in London, Ontario. She attended a high school with a well-rounded art program where she specialized in ceramics and printmaking. This is where she fell in love with the wonders of clay. She is currently pursuing a BFA degree at NSCAD University with a major in Ceramics and minor in Art History. She lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by architectural structural components and their design.  The mechanics and engineering of construction inform my artistic practice and are translated through clay. While attending NSCAD I have trained to use the industrial RAM Process that has the potential to produce large amounts of molded ceramics.  Using my functional pottery background and my research into construction I intend to make work that interacts with and alters the spaces that they reside.


Annabel is a 2016 Medalta Student Award Resident

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