¡Buen Provecho! New Ceramic Works by Alana Wilson

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Medalta International Artists in Residence 

Exhibition: June 16th– August 6th  

Reception: June 16th 7-9pm 

¡Buen Provecho!- Alana Wilson

I’ve lead a nomadic existence for most of my life. Seasonal work has been my main method for paying the bills while my off seasons have been spent completing my BFA; doing artist residencies in Nova Scotia, Australia, and Medicine Hat; and traveling in South East Asia and Latin America.

Whether attending potlucks with friends in Nova Scotia, gathering for birthday parties with family in Northern Ontario, learning how to order street food in Indonesia or greeting fellow diners at a barbacoa cart in Mexico, I can’t help but notice that food helps conversation flow.

For a time, I thought Mexico might be my home and returned there several years in a row. ¡Buen provecho! is the standard greeting to other diners, be they strangers or loved ones, and was something I must have said a thousand times. It literally translates as “good advantage” but means simply “enjoy your meal!”. Mexicans know how to throw a party, and food, along with fire crackers, loud music, and lots of alcohol, is a central part to any gathering. And the gatherings are endless. Every day in Mexico was a sensory overload of noise and smell and colour.

I may or may not return to Mexico, but I’ll never forget it. The work I’ve been making since my return, the work presented in this exhibition, is largely inspired by my time spent there. I want to make beautiful objects that help add joy to people’s lives. My goal is to create thoughtful, well made objects that people want to own, use and share. This collection of dishes is meant to be mixed and matched and used to celebrate the day to day.

¡Buen provecho!

Alana Wilson is a nomad looking for a home. Born in Northern Ontario, she has wandered throughout Canada, Australia, Mexico, South East Asia and Guatemala. In 2010 she completed her BFA in ceramics at NSCAD University and went on to do residencies in New Glasgow, NS and Mittigong, Australia. Every summer she watches for fires in the forests of Alberta, where she also spends a lot of time drawing, knitting and reading. In the fall, she will begin her MFA at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. She dreams of owning a home and throwing dinner parties using her pottery collection. She hopes her own pots will inspire others to throw dinner parties as well.

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