Alana Wilson

Alana Wilson is a nomad looking for a home. Born in Northern Ontario, she has wandered throughout Canada, Australia, Mexico, South East Asia and Guatemala. In 2010 she completed her BFA in ceramics at NSCAD University and went on to do residencies in New Glasgow, NS and Mittigong, Australia. Every summer she watches for fires in the forests of Alberta, where she also spends a lot of time drawing, knitting and reading. She dreams of owning a home and throwing dinner parties using her pottery collection. She hopes her own pots will inspire others to throw dinner parties as well.


As a nomad and a maker of objects, I am constantly creating, obtaining and purging things. Every time I pack a box or a backpack, every time I make a pot, I question the importance of objects and the stories they tell. I am very interested in the narratives people create through the objects they choose for their homes and in the creation of home and community. My goal is to create thoughtful, well made objects that people want to use and own.

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