Our reception staff can confirm – we’ve seen it all! People get so creative with the ways they use their ceramics. Here’s our list of the most unique uses we have found, but maybe you’ve got an even better one? Send it on over to us on the Medalta Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, or to . We wouldn’t have ever thought of #1!


9. Sugar & Creamer Set – Planters

($49 for the pair, creamer not shown)

If you’re forever scheming up new objects to display plants in, this tilted pair is exactly what to look for! Classic and a little whimsical, they add a little extra personality to your greenery; but pretty much all of Medalta’s items are great for plants.


8. Crock – Umbrella Stand

($55 for 1 Gallon crock without lid)

Just have one or two short umbrellas? A 1 gallon will do, but grab a 5 gallon if you’ve got quite the collection of umbrellas and walking sticks. A 5 gallon crock including a lid is $307.12.



7. Little Brown Jug – Christmas Ornament

($14 each)

Maybe you love adding rustic touches to your Christmas décor, or you enjoy repping your favourite Medicine Hat attraction, or maybe you just want to show how much you love tiny liquor vessels, whatever your reasoning, you can with these adorable little jugs.


6. Giselle Peter’s Ice Cream Bowl – Smudge Bowl


If smudging is your thing or something you’d like to try, our reception staff recommends these perfect size bowls to do the job – it wouldn’t be the first time someone has bought one for this use!


5. 5/10/20 Gallon Crock – Side Table

(5 gallon without lid – $236.25, 20 gallon shown in image)

10 and 20 Gallon crocks are the only thing on our list that are no longer sold at Medalta. Finding one of these big guys is always exciting – so make sure to check out your local garage sales or Kijiji, you might get lucky!


4. Egg Cup – Candle Holder

($13 each for large, $8.50 each for small)

Who would have guessed! The small egg cups fit a tea light very well, while both sizes work with candle sticks (we melted the bottom a bit so they fit more snuggly).


3. Hycroft Cowboy Hat Ashtray – Jewellery Holder


Howdy Miss, fancy a place to rest your bracelets? What a clever way to keep your jewellery organized!


2. ½ Gallon Crock – Champagne Bucket

($47 without lid)

Prepare to get lots of compliments on your ingenuity during your next dinner party. These are large enough to fit ice around your champagne to keep it chilled.


1. 1 Gallon Crock with lid – Urn     

($75.60 for 1 gallon crock with lid)

Seriously, the list for crock uses always astounds, but this is one we had never heard of! One loyal customer purchased one of our crocks for use as an urn. This could be a simple and meaningful way to honour your loved one, especially if they had a strong connection to Medalta.