I was eighteen when I met Mick Henry, a potter/artist who trained at the Leach Pottery, St Ives. I couldn’t afford England, so went to the Kootenay School of Art, Nelson BC. I was fortunate the Professor there was Walter Dexter who I later apprenticed with after graduation.

Living the potter’s experience for forty-seven years, I have gained a lot of knowledge of glazes, clay, kilns, and ceramics in general. Work includes everything from tableware and tiles to murals and sculpture.

Potters are generous in helping each other out. I’ve continued this tradition in my teaching.


The potter’s life has been good to me. Forty-seven years potting and my passion for the tactile feeling of clay just gets stronger. Form, function, and textures have been a mainstay of my studio life. Gas, wood and salt firings have all been part of it. The ideas never stop. Days are never long enough. Always more to learn to keep moving forward.

My philosophy to life as an artist/ potter is a bag of clay + create = happiness. Long live the four elements!