The Stringam Black & White Gala in Support of Medalta is one of Medicine Hat’s hottest tickets, all for a great cause: Medalta’s Artistic, Community, and Education programming continues to benefit from the generosity of our community members and we can’t express our sincere appreciation more.

This gala is an elegant and exciting evening of mouth-watering food, exciting entertainment, and live auction action in one of Alberta’s most stunning venues.

But the event is only half of the appeal. All money raised at the Gala is directed to Medalta’s popular and growing programs, which reach tens of thousands of people each year. Medalta has emerged as a provincial cultural and heritage hub. Known for its professionalism in preservation and interpretation of Western Canada’s industrial heritage, Medalta has also earned a reputation as an innovative contemporary arts centre.

By having a voice in both worlds, Medalta has been able to deliver clever, innovative and engaging programs to Medicine Hat residents and visitors. The reason we have been able to grow into what we are today is because of the incredible support we receive from our community. The Stringam Black & White Gala is a perfect example of community coming together to support community.

 Limo service provided from the Gala by Saamis Memorial Funeral Chapel Crematorium and Reception Centre

Live Auction Items

Dinner in the Kiln

Yup, why not eat dinner in a kiln that was routinely fired to 1250 degrees Celsius? With Zucchini Blossom preparing the food you just know this will be special. Kris and her team represent the creativity that we value so highly here at Medalta. The way  they think about food and its connection to our lives and landscape is refreshing; what they actually do with the food is magical. This is one of our most popular auction items so get seven of your closest friends together and pool your loonies together to get in on this amazing experience.





The Golden Crock

Everyone has heard about what is at the end of the rainbow! This lustrous 22k  gold crock represents the heart of Medalta. Crocks were the first objects produced on this site in 1912. They represent food storage, a time before refrigeration when folks looked ahead and prepared for winter; they represent the energy that comes from below our feet and the clay that makes up our landscape. Most of all they represent the spirit and industriousness of Albertans.





Pottery Experience

Get seven of your friends together with tapas, some cocktails and one of our talented resident artists to help you tap into your creative potential. Prepare for you and seven of your friends to get muddy on the potter’s wheel. You will be able to make several objects that we will fire and glaze for you. This could be the start of your international art career, or at the very least a memorable evening engaging with material and creativity.






Set of Four Dinner Plates

These four plates are designs that are contributed by our sponsor Medicine Hat Brew Co. They depict the early history of Medicine Hat and highlight the importance of both beer and pottery in the early days of Medicine Hat. Actually, they also celebrate the importance of beer and pottery to contemporary life!






Quilt by Linda Rossler

Besides being Chair of the board of the Friends of Medalta Society Linda Rossler is a master quilter. This stunning quilt represents hundreds of hours of work. This object is a homage to skill and work: two things that Medalta celebrates through our engagement with heritage and creativity.






Private Kiln Concert

Besides producing millions of pieces of pottery over the years, it turns out that our kilns are also really good at something else: acoustics! This has to do with the unique dome-shaped roof, the irregular masonry surface, and the wooden floor. Imagine hosting your own private classical concert in one of these iconic structures. Add some tapas supplied by Zucchini Blossom and a glass or two of wine and there is an unforgettable evening waiting to unfold.





Maureen Newton Dinner Set

The dinner set is a perennial favourite at the Gala each year. Maureen Newton is one of Medicine Hat’s best known artists. What you may not know is that her father once worked at Medalta. In fact he moved his family from England, where he was working for the Royal Doulton factory,  to Medicine Hat specifically so he could work at Medalta.






Feast in the Factory

Times have changed here at Medalta. Back in the day our factory floor was full of hardworking folks who barely had time for lunch – now we are a museum where folks from all over the world come to connect with real experiences. What could be more real than sitting down with seven of your friends inside the factory? Camp Cookhouse created a dining masterpiece last year for Dinner in the Kiln, and we expect nothing less for this new experience. In this space the history is tangible, it is visceral and in this case it will be edible!





We’d like to send a special thanks to all of our fabulous sponsors for supporting this event and Medalta:

Jane & Sandy McKay


Pullen-Philmore Holdings Ltd., Dr. Dennis and LaDonna Schneider







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